My Sneak Peak Birthday & Happy Easter

Hello my loves,

Happy Easter to all my dearest blogger friends whom may celebrate it. On my today post, its all about my sneak peak from my birthday. Its very simply celebration and i have had a fantastic time with my loves one 

best friend. Oh yes, my birthday is about 3 days ago on 13th April but i can make this post now as you know its a holiday season from Easter holiday, its make me a bit busy too with my family. 
As always when I still living in Thailand exactly on my birthday is Thai New Year/Happy Songkran and here in Germany is also Easter time, so mostly my friends they're also n holiday or busy with their family. So, mostly on my birthday i also spent my time just with my lovely hubby( Mr. P). And already few years when we still living in Bangkok, i spent my birthday always in Bali. But since last year, i spent my birthday here in Germany and its awesome too.
Even not big celebration but im quiet happy and always be happy. But I'll make a little plan to invite some friends after holiday season. Simply prepared a afternoon coffee with my good friend at home and after in the evening Mr.P and I, we went for special dinner just in the near from our home. At a cozy restaurant and sport bar and looks so familiar, classic and this restaurant called Schweinke. It has so many branch here in Germany. And this is my very first experienced to have a dinner here, and its was great. Starting from the foods, the beverage, ambience and also the serviced all are really good. And for sure we'll come back again. 

For started drink Mr.P and I, we order champagne for cheers on my birthday of course. Lol..
And the next we order our menu for myself I order beef steak with baked potato and for Mr.P  he order grilled meat with french fries and extra big plate of salad. All foods are great and you can see all the foods pictures don't below. We have had a great time here in this restaurant on my birthday. 

Here are a little quote and thanks on my birthday:
#.The more older im, i just realized to think a bit more simply and to make something priority to be number.
#. I'll more spend my time with people who really accepted me as how im, and people with positive vibes only.
#. Im really grateful for all what i have and not what i don't have. 
#. Stay humble and be more grateful in life and positive vibes everyday. 
And i learned every day in my life, the more i think positive in every situation in my life, the more easy life goes every single day. 
#. Stay focus on my dream and my project and really work hard on it.

Lets talking about my look that i wore on my birthday shall we?
I wore a simply sweater with off shoulder from H&M and my long skinny pant is from Esmara. My new stretch sash belt is from Zara that i've bought from last week. I really obsessed this big corset since last year and this year getting more trend on fashion this year. Ahhh.... i really adore this new babe and im totally happy with it. :)
I picked up some accessories to complete my look. An old necklace and earrings that still i really love it. Finally i choose more casual look on my birthday as the weather is not really allow me to wear a sexy dress, strong windy evening. Yes...April weather is always known for strange weather here in Germany. From day to another can changed very drastic from beautiful hot sunny day and to cold and grey day with strong wind. 

On my way to go dinner for my birthday. 

My first shot for my birthday. 

Happy girl with big food on her birthday. Nom....nom....
Happy birthday to me. Cheers....!!!!

Mr.P and me, have had a fantastic birthday dinner. Thank you for everything to this wonderful man. 

Here are my birthday gifts from Mr.P and my lovely sister. 

My simply birthday cake.

Get my look:
Sweater - H&M
Skinny Pant in Leather Look - Esmara
Camel Trench Coat - Tom Taylor
Necklace - Viva Loco 
Earings - Forever 21 

Thank you for stopping by on my blog. Wish you a Happy Easter to whom my celebrate it and happy holiday. 

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  1. You looked so lovely! Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Emma x

    1. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. Wish you have a great day. XOX

  2. Happy Birthday! I love that handbag, I am looking for one just like it so thanks for the inspo

    1. Thanks so much dear for your birthday wishes. Glad to know that you loving this bag. Hope you'll find it one. Have a good day dear. XOX

  3. Happy Birthday! Love your boots, they are gorgeous. :)

    1. Thanks so much babe for your birthday wishes. Glad to know that you loved my boots. Have a great day. xox

  4. Happy birthday! I turned 30 on the 16th of April actually.
    I like your camel color inspo!

    1. Thanks so much dear for your birthday wishes. Awww...we're the same Aries. :) Wish you a happy birthday too and all the best. xox

  5. Happy Bday darling! Seems like you had a lovely time. XO

    1. Thanks so much darling for your birthday wishes. Yes, i had a great time. Wish you have a great day darling. XO

  6. Cute outfits! Food looks super yummy as well!

  7. You look so gorgeous! Awesome style, dear!:)


    1. Thank you so much dear for your a great compliment and stopping by on my blog. Kisses xox

  8. Happy Birthday (belated)! You look lovely and I am so glad you had a wonderful day :)

    - Prerna /

    1. Thank you so much dear for your kindly birthday wishes and a great comment. Wish you have a great day. XOX

  9. Wow! That cold shoulder sweater looks great on you! You look lovely btw :D Hope you enjoyed your birthday :) Belated happy birthday from my side. <3

    1. Awww....thank you so much babe for your amazing compliment and for your belated birthday wishes. Wish you have a fantastic weekend. Kisses xox

  10. Because you have a wonderful blog I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award.
    Check it out and join! :D

    1. Wow....thanks so much dear Thomas for your nominated my blog for Versatile Blogger. You're amazing. Wish you have a fantastic weekend. xox

  11. That is good that you have a wonderful day on your birthday! I love your outfit and those belts are so popular and fits so well on everyone, especially you. Also, love your pants!

    Also, would you like to follow for follow to help each other out and support each other? Please let me know. Thank you!

    XOXO - Thee Lovingrose

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